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Now You See Them Soon You Won't. 

Save The Turtles 



Our company is working on several projects with our Shelly app in order to achieve our goal to ultimately help spread awareness about the rapid decrease in sea turtles. With ongoing collaborations with local wildlife and aquarium locations we hope to eventually save many turtle lives! To see updates on our progress and find out more about our collaborations and projects click "more info" down below! 

Learn More!

Ever wonder about the different types of turtles there are in the ocean? Ever wonder what the daily routine of a sea turtle is? Understanding more about turtles is very helpful when trying to help these loving creatures! To find out more fun facts and information about sea turtles click "more info" down below!


Meet the Team 

Our team consists of all females from different backgrounds brought together by their desire to learn about technology and our Earth! Founded by now seniors and juniors, Abby Francis, Kayla Condon, Zoe Kleeblatt, Sophie Zagaja and Yasmin Lazu.


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